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Enrichment Activities

Literacy with Ms. Karen

Through weekly sessions with Ms. Karen, our children in toddlers, 2s and 3s are exposed  to important early literacy skills such as listening in a group, rhyming, following directions and predicting. Curiosity and imagination develop through books, stories, movement, puppets and more. Beginning in January, our 3s check out books monthly from the preschool library.

Ms. Karen also fosters a love of reading and a respect for books in weekly literacy sessions with children in our 4s and 5s. Through activities that focus on early phonics skills, book and author study series and exploration of our center-based literacy lab, children gain a readiness for reading. Children check out books weekly from the preschool library.

Art with Ms. Kasia

Children in 4s and 5s enjoy weekly art sessions with Ms. Kasia in our Art Lab, complete with a variety of centers in which children can create and experiment in every class. By focusing on the process of creating art and not the product, children are allowed to freely explore materials and realize there is no “right or wrong” way to make art.

Science and Math with Ms. Poole and Ms. Andrew

Children in our 4s and 5s learn valuable science and math skills in weekly sessions with Ms. Poole and Ms. Andrew.  From exploring levers, inclined planes and wheels to looking inside a clock radio and a phone, our children are getting hands-on experiences and being encouraged to ask exploratory questions.

Music with Ms. Whitney

Children in our 2s through 5s sing, dance and move with weekly 30 minute music classes with Ms. Whitney. Children have the opportunity to play multiple instruments and learn Christian-based songs and hymns.

Creative Movement

Creative Movement comes to TCC monthly bringing fun-filled 30 minute sessions for children in our 3s, 4s and 5s. The classes challenge the children to use their imagination and express themselves through movement, while developing gross motor skills.


Children in our 3s, 4s and 5s grow in faith through a special Chapel service held twice a month in Francis Chapel. Each service includes music and a message from a member of the church clergy or staff. Children are encouraged to bring a designated food offering, which our 4s and 5s deliver during field trips to Loaves and Fishes.


To encourage self-confidence and independence and as a convenience for our families, we offer morning and afternoon carpool for our 3s, 4s and 5s and afternoon carpool for our 2s. Carpool numbers and drop-off and pick-up instructions are given to families at Open House.