Happy Birthday TCC!

The Children’s Circle is 75 years old this year!  Our preschool was “born” in 1947!

A short history…

Just two years after the end of WWII, the Superintendent of Sunday Schools, George Westbrook, wanted to see a weekday kindergarten started at MPUMC.  He thought it was important. He knew that “as the twig is bent, the tree will grow.” He, with several other officers of the church brought the matter up at a board meeting. Much to his surprise, the idea was opposed because the plan was “too expensive…it must pay its own way.”  

“Well”, said Westbrook, “there are 105 items in the budget and none is paying its own way!” 

Thank goodness he and others were persistent and were able to plant the seeds that started our preschool!  

A request was placed in the bulletin for items that could be used for kindergarten and for any surplus pieces of lumber. Letters were sent to church families who had children of kindergarten age. The announcement read, “Our Week-Day Kindergarten will open September 8 and will be operated 5 days each week from 9 to 12.” The registration fee was $10.00. The tuition was $105.00 per year for members and $127.00 for others. 

When renovation of the building was complete in September, Kindergarten opened with a full enrollment. Sessions were held in the “cottage” on Providence Road, soon called the” Kindergarten house.” It had indoor and outdoor play spaces. The preschool flourished from the beginning.
(per the MPUMC – 50th Anniversary Edition)